Review Wealthy Affiliate - live that laptop lifestyle

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

Review Wealthy Affiliate
Review of Wealthy Affiliate 2019: LIVE THAT LAPTOP LIFESTYLE – anywhere, anytime…

Would you like to work anywhere, anytime with a laptop, smartphone or desktop computer? With Wealthy Affiliate – you can do just that! YOU can have that laptop lifestyle – Yes it’s possible! Make 2019 the year you become an affiliate marketer! Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 to see if its for you!

Do you want to learn affiliate marketing and how to build an online business, where you can work anywhere, anytime with just a laptop? Are you willing to put in the work? Do you understand that this is not a get rich quick scheme? THEN WEALTHY AFFILIATE IS FOR YOU!

Wealthy Affiliate is owned by Kyle & Carson. They have built a top leading affiliate marketing training platform – in fact one of the best in the industry. They started their business back in 2005.

There starter account is FREE – $0, NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED and YES you can try it out for yourself for free. I know, when I saw this I was skeptical, but it is true… they offer a risk free option to try out Wealthy Affiliate without paying a cent.

You are free to set up a website and you can stay with their free option for as long as you want and never have to switch to their paid option unless you want to.

I bet you probably have a lot of thoughts going through your head – Is this a scam? This sounds too good to be true? No one offers anything for free?

Let’s take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

After scouring the internet for an online affiliate marketing company I chose Wealthy Affiliate. I spent days and days checking out other platforms and programs, but many turned out to be scams or just didn’t offer me everything I needed to succeed. WA offers you everything you need all in one place!

None of these other programs even came close to Wealthy Affiliate (WA) – which is able to give you a full – all-inclusive package. I almost gave up on affiliate marketing BUT THEN I FOUND WA. WA has truly changed my life and in a great way!


Wealthy Affiliate is an online business community offering you an affiliate marketing training center. Take a few minutes to think… Are you looking for that get quick fast scheme and think that you will start making money by simply signing up with WA – If so – I suggest you walk away, now. This is not what WA is all about!

What I like about WA is that it does not offer you hype or false promises; it doesn’t promise you a shortcut to make you rich overnight; however, it does promise to educate, train, and provide you support.

If you are willing to put in the work, persevere and have the desire to run a successful online business where you can work anywhere or anytime – then I encourage you to keep reading to find out more.

After thoroughly reviewing and analyzing WA, I can honestly say Wealthy Affiliate is the best deal that I have seen.

WA is an online community with over a million members. Your membership at Wealthy Affiliate includes everything you need to get started all in one place.

Wealthy Affiliate provides 24/7 support; Jaaxy for keyword searches; over 3,000 website themes; fast, secure website hosting; and a unique and extremely supportive social support network with 24/7 live member chat.

I’m impressed with the high quality training & support which is awesome for both the beginner and the more advanced affiliate marketer. Best of all… you can try it out for free… no credit card required

Review Wealthy Affiliate 2019

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Year Founded: 2005

Description: Affiliate Marketing Training

Starter Price: Starter Free

Monthly Price: $19 First Month then $49 Premium

Yearly Premium: $359 Per Year

Upsells: None

Owners: Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim

Recommended: Yes


Affiliate marketing involves choosing a niche that you are interested in. You make money by publishing helpful content on your website that tells your visitors about a product you recommend.

This usually means setting up an “affiliate link” from the owner, vendor, or marketplace (like Amazon or Clickbank) for the product you’re talking about and people click on that link to buy it.

You can be paid in a variety of ways. Usually a commission is paid to you through PayPal, a bank account, or by check and sometimes gift vouchers.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Fast and Easy to get started
  2. No not have to buy products to promote them
  3. Up to 100% Commissions &,Recurring commission potential
  4. Very low risk business start up
  5. No warehouse or stock to deal with
  6. Work anywhere and anytime you want
  7. Passive income – create content around a product, and still profit years later
  8. Be your own boss



Whether you are a newbie or an experienced affiliate marketer WA can help you lead that ‘laptop’ lifestyle that you are looking for – work anywhere, anytime!

NO credit card needed to join for free

Learn at your own PACE

All-In-One Platform

Video training – Task-based lessons (beginner to more advanced)

NO software or app download required – access everything on your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone (some features are awkward on your tablet or smartphone)

24/7 chat and site support

Live interactive HELP from expert members including owners Kyle and Carson

Free lifetime membership – $0

2 free Easy to Build websites – training walks you through step by step

Modern, full service hosting

Strict spam free environment



Newcomers may find the amount of information a bit overwhelming at first. (however, if you follow the training it doesn’t take long until you are an expert in your niche business)

****Please note: if you sign up with my link I will personally offer coaching to you to help get you up in running if you need it – as – I’m alway just a quick email away.

It’s easy to spend too much time in the live chat as the community is very friendly and supportive… which can be addictive.


Okay, so are you wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you? Unfortunately it’s not the perfect fit for everyone. You do have to be prepared to put in the work and follow the training.

In saying this WA is suitable for all levels of users from the very beginner to the more advanced.

Are you worried you won’t have the tech skills or you feel you are too young or too old? Not to worry as it doesn’t matter one bit… as you are provided with step by step instruction that will help you to LEARN EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET STARTED AND RUN YOUR BUSINESS.

Even if you have no idea of what you want for a niche… or you don’t have a business or website, no worries as you will learn how to do all of this and more. Lastly, you can even run your business and work from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

I love traveling and can take my business anywhere and everywhere around the world. I just need an internet connection. This is an awesome ‘LAPTOP LIFESTYLE’ THAT ANYONE CAN DO AND LOVE. You just need to be willing to put in the WORK!

Some people who may find affiliate marketing IS FOR THEM:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Unemployed People
  • Students
  • ‘Laptop’ generation that want to travel
  • People Wanting to Learn SEO
  • Those with Disability
  • Bloggers
  • WordPress Users
  • Retirees
  • Veterans
  • Local Business Owners
  • People who are fed up of 9-to-5 and want to start their own business
  • Work at Home Moms and Dads
  • And more….


First and foremost it is important that you follow the training. In your first lessons you learn how to select your niche. You will want to choose a topic that you know something about.

Next you will learn how important writing quality content is to making your niche successful and the importance of adding affiliate products to your content which will help monetize your site. Another aspect of your training will involve learning how to use keywords and SEO techniques to get your articles, blogs and sites indexed and ranked on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

As you start getting visitors and organic traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo, you will start to make money from the many people that click on your affiliate links and buy the products or services that you recommend.

My Website that you are visiting today was a product of my training through Wealthy Affiliate.


Here is the comparison of the two types of membership at Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Review

At WA, you are offered A Starter or Basic program and the Premium.

With the Starter option you can join for free and you don’t have to use a credit card. The Starter option allows you to look around the site, meet people in the live chat, create your own website (you get 2 free sites with web hosting), and see for yourself what a fantastic set up WA has.

If you love it – and I know you will you can join for Premium. Premium unlocks still more benefits for you OR you can continue with the FREE Standard version.

This is an opportunity I haven’t seen anywhere else. With WA there is no risk of losing money! So put that credit card away and sign up for a free membership and decide for yourself if WA is right for you!


  • Access to 3 classrooms
  • Instant access to VIDEO training sessions
  • 2 free websites with free hosting
  • Live support from the owners for the first 7 days and support from many experts inside WA!
  • 30 keyword searches a month
  • Phase 1 of the Boot camp course, teaching you how to build an authority website.



  • Live Video Classes
  • Instant access to over 500 training modules
  • Free Live Friday night training by Magicstudios (Jay)
  • Unlimited free websites with free hosting
  • Website Backup and Website Security Package
  • Access to all 12 classrooms
  • Unlimited Live support from the owners and support from many experts inside WA!
  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • All phases of the Boot camp course
  • Higher commissions
  • Coaching by ME
  • … and a lot more!

The most valuable benefits of Wealthy Affiliate (in my opinion) are the step-by-step approach to building a business and the support from Kyle, Carson and many WA expert members. Most other online programs are lacking this helpful action plan and awesome support. I have looked at many programs over the past years and in my opinion nothing even comes close to the quality and security of WA.


There are 2 membership levels within Wealthy Affiliate. The starter membership is free with no credit card required on startup.

The Premium membership costs $49 per month. (You can take advantage of the special offer of a reduced fee of ONLY $19 INSTEAD of the regular fee of $49). This works out to about $30 a month U.S. funds.


It was pretty clear to me that Wealthy Affiliate is not only a legitimate business but an AWESOME CHOICE for anyone one looking to start an affiliate marketing business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a WINNER in my books! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate has something for you! WA will help you set up, grow, build, and maintain your online niche business.

You can work from home or anywhere or anytime that is suitable for you as long as you have internet access. You will find the friendliest and most supportive community members that are there to share their expertise and experiences with helping you learn and discover your potential.

If you want to hear what other members are saying check out it out here. I’m so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned so much and am continuing to learn more each and every day!

Wealthy Affiliate has a ‘take action now’ approach that works for me and I believe it will work for you too! Stop spending hours searching for that best program… I can tell you this is it, but don’t take my word for it. Sign up here and try it for FREE and leave me some comments as to what you think!


My website here is about making money online with affiliate marketing. This is just what I chose to do, but you can pick any topic and set up any niche website that you desire.

My goal is to help people who want to make money online and be able to work anywhere and anytime on a computer, smartphone, tablet or your laptop. I want to help you get started with affiliate marketing by showing you what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

When you click on my links, you will be tracked by my affiliate ID, but I won’t earn anything until you upgrade to Premium. Everyone gets the free “Starter” account first and you can decide if you want to upgrade or not. There is no pressure to upgrade and you can Stay on the Free Account forever if you so choose.

However, if and when you decide to upgrade, I make a commission.

Why use my link to sign up… I offer you my assistance as a coach for free when you sign up as Premium and can help you get your site up and writing in just a few hours. I have some quick start up Tips that I will share with you once you sign up for Premium.

If you found my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 helpful, I would love it if you shared it with your family, friends or on social media.

Hope to see you at Wealthy Affiliates,

Cheers, Liz

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