Live A Rich Life - Let Me Show You the Steps

How To Live A Rich Life – I Can Show You The Steps

How To Live A Rich Life – I Can Show You The Steps

How To Live A Rich Life

“Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” ~Oscar Wilde

How to live a rich life? What does living a ‘Rich Lifestyle’ really look like? What Makes You Feel Rich? How does your mindset fit into all of this? Can you live a “Rich” Lifestyle without a lot of money? So many questions… I want to explore this topic with you.

You maybe wondering why I called my website the Rich Chick Mindset – What’s my website all about? What do I mean when I ask ‘how to live a rich life”? Let me show you the steps to living the rich life you have always dreamed of.

Is living the dream of a rich lifestyle all about how much money you can make? Is it buying things? Is it about your health – your family?

Personally for me… I’m not interested in buying a mansion. I don’t need a Lamborghini. I DO want to live free of debt. I Do want to travel to a few ‘select’ places and I want to live to be 100!

But most of all, I want to appreciate what I have. I want to live with compassion, integrity and generosity. I’ve heard that generous people live longer!

How about you—what makes you feel rich? Feel free to leave your Comments in the sidebar.

One theme that comes up over and over again in personal growth and mindset is the idea of a “rich lifestyle.” My idea of a rich lifestyle would involve spending time with my family including my soon to be ‘grandchild’. It would involve some type of volunteering – perhaps the local animal shelter.

It would also mean working from my laptop and being able to travel anywhere, anytime I want. For me, a rich lifestyle has more to do with how I spend my time, rather than with the things I own. It’s about time, not the stuff.

So, to put it simply, I believe a rich lifestyle is one that’s filled with experiences that make you happy while you are doing them. I don’t think it matters what those experiences are – be it traveling, cooking, hiking, swimming, gardening or working in the garage…


Minimize the clutter in your life

Be mindful of your money

Journal about the rich ‘things’ in your life – experiences, achievements, friendships etc…

When I started doing these 3 things I had an ‘AH HA’ moment.

I realized my life IS full of riches and I don’t need to go frantically searching for financial wealth. I realized most of the truest riches in my life actually came when I didn’t have much money at all.

Back when I first got married, my husband and I decided to have children when we were just starting out with our careers. Unfortunately the economy back then took a turn for the worse and there wasn’t much work. My husband started an apprenticeship and we lived on air and water – LOL

Money was definitely tight to non-existent and many months we borrowed ‘Peter to pay Paul’ for rent, bills, gas and food.

Fast forward to today. I am now within a few years of retirement and my life is full of riches… am I rich? HA HA, not in the sense you are thinking, but in a non-materialistic way – definitely YES!

How To Live A Rich Lifestyle

While reflecting on what made me feel rich, I had an ‘AH HA’ moment’! I realized that I do like a few quality “things” but I’m not one who needs to be surrounded by ‘lots of stuff’. I am more a ‘spiritual’ vs materialistic person.

THAT BEING SAID… Does that mean I don’t need money or that I don’t want to live comfortably in retirement? NO WAY!

I am on my quest to live my next chapter of my ‘rich life’- running my own online business from my laptop. I want to share with you how to go about living a rich lifestyle from the comfort of your home, hotel room or from anywhere for that matter, with just a laptop and WiFi access.

So forget the ‘rat race’ to finding wealth and becoming rich and enjoy the ‘riches’ that are already in your life. I plan on enjoying mine as I work online and not only build my business, but travel too.


Must Haves For A Rich Lifestyle To Work:

1. Authenticity

You need to be authentic. Stay true to yourself and be at peace with who you are no matter how much money you have or are making.

2. Acceptance

Overcome your need to control everything in your life, and replace that inner power struggle with acceptance and peace.

Remind yourself that ‘Things are okay… and you accept things just as they are.

3. Kindness

Remember to treat people with kindness. Do one small act of kindness for someone. By showing kindness to others you bring about an inner peace, and happiness and knowledge that you can make a difference in the world.

3. Creativity

Be creative; write that blog, start that e-book, make that YouTube video.

4. Forgiveness

Let go of anger, hurt or resentment. When you ‘Let Go’ it leads to a peace of mind and that priceless freedom.

5. Patience

Be patient. It isn’t always about getting instant gratification. Patience will lead you to achieving things in good time even those ones that you may feel are impossible.

6. Gratitude

Remember to be grateful. Acknowledging all the good things that happen to you each day will bring you the ‘richness’ of happiness. My challenge to you is to write down one thing every day that you are grateful for.

7. Generosity

Be generous. This doesn’t have to be monetary. Give your time or your undivided attention to someone.



Studies show that practicing mindfulness and having a grateful attitude is important in all aspects of your life. In order to live a rich lifestyle taking a look not only at your finances, but other areas of your life like relationships with family and friends, achievements and ways to be thankful all contribute to those riches.



never having to be concerned with the rat race to become rich

measuring your riches in terms of self-worth and contentment

no longer stressing over money

I LOVE the following quotes…You have probably heard people say: “whatever you give comes back to you and then some” or “generous people have more to give.”

Do you feel richer when you are generous? Being generous doesn’t necessarily have to be with money, but can be experiences, befriending, time… Realizing that you are already rich with abundance will bring you serenity and contentment. Generosity has a strange, powerful way of making you feel great!


So if you have come to the realization you don’t need a lot of ‘stuff’ and want to really explore that rich lifestyle – whatever that might look like for you, I propose that you will get so much more back when you choose to give.

Having a high net worth or a huge bank account vs living a rich lifestyle are quite different. Just because you have ‘money’ does not necessarily mean you are rich, happy or healthy. If you are always worried about money are you really LIVING A RICH LIFE?


… Do you like helping people… Do you want your own business?

What can living a rich lifestyle look like for you? Are you interested in working from a laptop that is portable and can go anywhere you go?

Are you wondering – How can you try this out for yourself – today?

I want to provide you with a great offer and best of all it is free for you to receive and free for me to give.


Let me show you How To Live A Rich Life – I Can Show You The Steps to living your dream. It doesn’t matter if the dream is to blog, have a website, own a business… it can all be done with the same BLUEPRINT OR PLAN!

Have you heard of affiliate marketing? I’d like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate. I was so excited when I found Wealthy Affiliate. Since I came across it back in July of 2018, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time blogging about various topics that are dear to me.

I now have two sites. Both of my sites were built on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Wealthy Affiliate offers a wonderful all-inclusive plan and resources to help you build your business.

My passion has always been and always will be to help others. Wealthy Affiliate allows me to do what I love and live my dream too. I want to help you live this dream too!

Wealthy Affiliate, a laptop, and WiFi are ALL you need to GET STARTED. If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing or how to build your rich lifestyle, check out the link below.

This will take you to an information page and a place to sign up to find out more on how to build your own business or website where you are able to help others and explore your passion in order to live your rich lifestyle. You will find the steps easy to follow and are well laid out.

Best of all if you sign up for Premium (and there is no pressure… you can stay on the Free Account for your entire lifetime…) I will be there to coach you along the way.

If you’ve ever wondered if affiliate marketing was for you, this is the time to check it out. There is no obligation to purchase and best of all there is no credit card required on sign up.

Please note I do get a small commission if you sign up for Premium. However, there is no pressure and you can remain a Starter or Free member for as long as you like… a lifetime if you so choose.

Free membership allows you access to setting up 2 websites, 10 free training sessions and a super supportive community with excellent site support … and more!

This chart lets you know the difference between the Free and Premium membership plans.

This just may be the opportunity you have been looking for to help you live that rich lifestyle with or without your laptop anywhere, anytime you wish!

Once you have checked out WA, come back and leave me some comments as to what you think!

Wishing you a rich lifestyle filled with hope, promises, and success!


Quote: A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.– Henry Ford

Affirmation: I believe in myself and trust in my abilities to success.

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