Business Plan Affiliate Marketing

Do You Need a Business Plan in Affiliate Marketing

Do You Need a Business Plan in Affiliate Marketing

Business Plan In Affiliate Marketing

Does Your Business plan in Affiliate Marketing include a well drawn out BLUEPRINT?

Okay you have made your commitment and have decided you want to work online. You may have lots of different reasons for doing so. Perhaps you want to be home with your kids, or you are tired of working for someone else or you might be like me…

I want to semi-retire and work from my laptop while I travel.

I’ve raised my kids and I think I worked hard for someone else – 35 years is long enough – don’t you think?

Anyway I decided that it was time for a big change and I jumped in feet first and haven’t looked back since.

There are many choices of businesses that you can operate online and from a laptop. For me the choice was easy – I chose Affiliate Marketing.

I also decided that the best program and company to train and support me was a program called Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to know more about WA (for short) check out my review here.

Let’s Explore What Makes A Business Plan In Affiliate Marketing?

First and Foremost you need a Blueprint.

What Can a Blueprint Do For You and Your Online Business? Read on to find out.

(If you prefer to check out WA and come back to my article later you can check out WA here and all that it has to offer. The Blueprint I’m going to lay out for you comes from WA.)

What is a blueprint? According to Wikipedia the term ‘blueprint’ is often “used less formally to refer to any floor plan”. I will be using the term here even less formally to refer to a plan of action.

Business Plan In Affiliate Marketing


First of all you do not need to spend a lot of money to get started in Affiliate Marketing; what you need is these two things:

1. A website, ideally with your own domain

2. Membership to an affiliate marketing program ( I recommend Wealthy Affiliate)

Once you have these two things, then you are set to start earning commissions and online income! Sounds pretty easy… I hope I now have your ATTENTION.

No catch, no yabuts… it really is that simple.

Now I do want to introduce you to a few additional ITEMS that will help you along your way to success and are what I also believe should be part of your Blueprint.

3. Write quality content – I like to write in Site Content on WA. It provides a great writing area with spell and grammar checks, 1000’s of pictures, a plagiarism check and direct publishing to your domain and WordPress back office.

4. SEO Tools provided free by WA

5. Add special features like pictures, graphs, links both internal and external

6. Google Webmasters Tools – Google Analytics and Google Console: Both of these help you track your stats and organic traffic

7. Bing Webmaster Tools – great for stats and tracking organic traffic

8. Mailing list

9. Social Media Business account – I suggest you start with one (FaceBook, Pinterest or Instagram if you are not familiar with social media)

10. YouTube Channel

11. A Call to Action!


**These are the 11 main tools to your Blueprint FOR SUCCESS!**

What I learned from following this Blueprint and WA’s training is that if you persevere and follow through, your hard work will be rewarded. There are thousands of success stories on WA’s site that back up this statement. You can check them out here for yourself HERE.

One of the most important things I learned is that search engines work on TRUST. Ultimately you are building your business around building up that trust. These search engines have the power to make or break your business.

You need to prove to them that you’re going to deliver quality content to your visitors on your site. These visitors are usually looking for an answer to a problem and you are the expert and will be helping them out with their problem.

You also want search engines to see that your website is here to stay. You are not just going to up and quit if the going gets a bit ‘rocky’.

Search engines want you to prove you are going to ‘stick around and provide new and fresh content regularly. If you do this you will see the ranking you desire and deserve.

By following this Blueprint you are on your way to seeing a very lucrative business evolve!

If you have ever dreamed of owning, an online business this is the time to try it. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free trial with no obligation to purchase a Premium Membership. Their Starter Membership offers a great opportunity to see if their platform and University is right for you!

Have you been dreaming of the freedom to work when and where every you please, but just not sure where to start?

I have to be honest… starting an online business is lots of work, but it is also very rewarding. And best of all it offers you a freedom to scale your income to whatever level your heart desires.

So it is very important to get the proper training in order to get the most from your online business. You don’t have to do it alone. There is a great training and support system just waiting for you to try…

You might be asking yourself – do I have to give all my personal information… do I need a credit card to sign up… The answer is no…

My article has introduced you to Wealthy Affiliate’s training blueprint. It is top notch! You really need do need to see and experience it for yourself so that you can make an informed decision as to whether Affiliate marketing is for you!

A good number of years ago I tried building an online business on my own. I thought it would be easy and that all it needed was for me to work hard – which I did. But despite all my hard work back then… nothing happened. Notta a sale, notta commission, nothing…

Fast Forward 10 years and I found Wealthy Affiliate and the best business plan in Affiliate Marketing. Am I rich… not yet… but I must say I’m on my way to success and it’s all to do with their awesome Blueprint.

The bottom line is that there is NO MAGIC WAND – but there is a BLUEPRINT! The founders – Kyle and Carson have developed the ultimate blueprint for finding success with building your business online.

AND YES – you do need a business plan in affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is just like any other business. Just as you wouldn’t jump into owning a ‘coffee shop’ without a business plan. Just as you shouldn’t jump into affiliate marketing without one either.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. The ball is now in your court. If you have truly ever wanted to try an online business where you can work anywhere or anytime – you are now in the driver’s seat to make this happen.

Make this the year you go for it! Take that chance and check out WA now!

Make this your BEST YEAR EVER!

Wishing you much success,

Cheers, Liz

P.S. Just a reminder that my site does contain affiliate links and if you click on these links and purchase any of the items, I will receive a small commission, however there is no added charge to you.

Quote: “A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in.”– Nicole Snow

Affirmation: I believe in myself and trust in my abilities to succeed in all I do.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your Blueprint. I’m just starting out with Affiliate marketing and am feeling rather overwhelmed. I look forward to reading more of your articles. Thanks for writing in terms for non business people like me!
    I’m also checking out Wealthy Affiliate! So far it looks awesome!

    1. Hi Helen, you’ve made a great choice to get started in Affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to launch your online business in my opinion! If I can help you or answer any questions just let me know.

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